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Using the latest technology in teamwear Vesey™️ ID allows you to bring your club’s identity to life with a brand new bespoke shirt.


During the pandemic we have been on a mission to support grassroots football clubs across the UK. From club colouring books to signed shirt giveaways, find out more about our #SupportingGrassroots campaign.

60 Second Drills

We are excited to launch our brand new football coaching video series with UEFA Pro License coach Louis Lancaster.

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Coaching Masterclass – Thomas Tuchel’s 3-back System

Coaching Masterclass – Thomas Tuchel’s 3-back System

Today’s blog is part of a series in which we will explain various coaching styles and training sessions with inspiration from some of the Premier League’s top managers. This first of the series will explore the formation of Thomas Tuchel and help understand how to...

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When Referees Lose Control – How to Maintain Discipline

There’s no doubt that being a referee can be a largely thankless task, with the emotive nature of the game meaning that officials often have to maintain control in the face of immense pressure and sustained abuse. Some referees fail in this respect, of course. Most...

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Tactics Explained – A Look at the 4-3-3

Football in the UK has undergone a marked transformation through the Premier League era, and not only in terms of the number of foreign players and the influx of huge cash sums. The game is also different tactically too, with pretty much all of the sides that lined up...

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Tactics Explained – A Look at the 3-4-2-1 System

There is a myriad of football formations in the modern age, some of which are universally popular such as the 4-3-3 and the 4-2-3-1. However, there are others that are decidedly more trend-driven and fleetingly popular, including the currently in-vogue 3-4-2-1 system....

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Which International Team has the Best Young Players?

The term “golden generation” has been applied to various international sides down the year, with recent iterations including the English and Portuguese teams of the noughties. While neither of these sides was able to fully realise their potential or yield the fruits...

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