Official VESEY iD PRE- Launch

Sign up below to be in with a chance of and being one of the first clubs in the UK to have a VESEY™️ iD Kit

Have you ever imagined designing your own Nike jersey for your club?

With VESEY™️ iD – The Teamwear Innovators™️, you don’t have to imagine any more.

VESEY™️ iD allows you to bring your club’s identity to life with a brand new bespoke shirt. Using the latest technology in teamwear, we wanted to give you the opportunity to showcase your clubs unique style, identity and story through your kit.

Own your identity. Own the pitch.

Sign up below to be in with a chance to be one of the first clubs in the UK to be a part of the VESEY™️ iD Pre-Launch.

VESEY™️ ID Example Designs

Own your identity Own the pitch


We want to introduce you to our parent company, VESEYTrade mark sign  The Teamwear InnovatorsTrade mark sign

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