Why become an FA Charter Standard Adult Club

FA Charter Standard was launched in 2001, WHY? To raise the standards of grassroots football and give clubs such as yours the opportunity to provide the best possible environments and give players the best possible experiences to come and play, enjoy and be part of the beautiful game.

The FA Charter Standard accreditation is not only a kitemark that displays clubs are adhering to a set of criteria but also demonstrates that a club has the ambition to be the best they possibly can be within a landscape that is ever changing.

Being part of The FA Charter Standard gives the FA and County FAs opportunity to support you with your ambitions of the club, whether that’s to grow new teams or simply retain the players you have through things such as access to better training and playing facilities. These can all be explored under the accreditation with both The FA and County FAs recognising and rewarding your commitment for providing the game of football to your community of players.

The FA Charter Standard is open to all, from single team clubs to football clubs with multiple teams that want to offer the highest standard of grassroots football, as long as you meet the minimum standard set by The FA.

How to become an FA Charter Standard Adult Club?

Firstly the FA Charter Standard is totally free.

And becoming The FA Charter Standard accredited is much simpler than most clubs initially expect so if you’re that one individual running an Adult club don’t be put off by thinking there is a lot to do. Yes, there is a minimum standard and set of criteria to adhere to but The FA and your County FA are here to help you through the process and get you well on your way to achieving the benefits and receiving the incentives the programme offers.

Already affiliated? Great, then reaching out to your County FA is the first step on the pathway to becoming The FA Charter Standard accredited as they will already have the majority of information they need on the FA’s Whole Game System and will support you with the application form.

The form is simple and captures the information we need to show any gaps in criteria. The FA provide the club with rules, policies and Respect codes of conduct you need to get started and can support you with the remaining criteria to demonstrate minimum standards are met.

In addition to the minimum standards, Adult clubs are asked to have a first aider for each team and complete the club planning document. This document is there to support you in establishing a more focused and coordinated approach to your seasons’ activities and is a mechanism to build a relationship with your County FA who are here to help along the way.

Once you become The FA Charter Standard your County FA will support you through a health check each season to help make sure you are continuing to meet the criteria and reward you for doing so.

More information, how to apply and further detail on the criteria can be found at www.TheFA.com/charterstandard.

What are the benefits of becoming an FA Charter Standard Adult Club?

The main benefits are for you to be able to demonstrate, communicate and celebrate to your community of fans, volunteers and players that you are putting their experience of the game at the centre of everything you do. You are putting in place the club structure, planning, qualifications and policies that safeguards their training and playing environment week in week out.

Each County FA will offer additional benefits to their affiliated FA Charter Standard Clubs but as an incentive from The FA for Adult clubs who become accredited within the 2018-19 season are eligible for the following:

• A £100 Nike kit voucher for the Adult Kit Scheme.
10 Nike Strike balls
• The ability to promote themselves as accredited The FA Charter Standard – Adult Club including the use of the logo and the Proud to be The FA Charter Standard identity
• Eligibility to apply for a £750 ‘Retain the Game’ grant from the Football Foundation

    Why Adult clubs choose The FA Charter Standard

    2/3 of Adult Charter Standard clubs say becoming accredited has raised overall standards

    Adult Charter Standard clubs have an average of 9 volunteers

    Adult Charter Standard clubs are better organised, so they have fewer fixtures cancelled and fewer matches abandoned

    Adult Charter Standard clubs attract and retain 27% more players each season

    So be sure to contact your County FA Today

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