This is the 3rd training session for the Turks and Caicos women’s national team.

Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Square was 30 by 50 yards.


-Blues travel with the ball trying to score in the opposite goal.

-The white defenders obviously defend the goal.

-If the blues score or the ball leaves the field of play they then defend goal opposite the next pair of whites.

-This process repeats.

-If the defenders win the ball their challenge is to try and play in the next pair.

-We played first team to score 7 goals.


Add numbers.

Use under or overloads.


 Drill 2. 

football coaching


-Half a pitch with plenty of balls on the half way line.


-Same as previous session which was on the blog a few weeks ago –  ‘Women’s National Team Session #1


I had a few coaches scattered in an around the pitch. At any time they could deliver a new ball to the whites meaning the blues would have to deal with it.


Drill 3. 

football coaching


-Full Pitch

-Good ball supply.


-The 10 blues in one half defend the goal. They leave one player in the attacking half.

-The whites try to score using their overload.

-If the blues win the ball they can break and attack the 3 yellows.

-I had it that only a certain amount of blues could break asking the rest of the blues to remain secure.


-During the game add a new ball a anytime meaning the previous ball is dead.

-Reduce or increase the number of players allowed to counter.

Training session by Louis Lancaster in association with Discount Football Kits.

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