Attacking under/ overloads are an important part of the modern game. These two fast paced training drills will help to give your team the edge.

Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above suiting the needs of your players and numbers available.


-The 4 blues attack the 3 whites making it an overload 4v3.

-If they score they then turn round and try to score in the other goal which is now an under load 4v5.

-If the whites win the ball they must try and play the ball to the opposite whites and the blues continue attacking the opposite goal.

-This continues for a period of time, turns, goals etc.

-Change the personnel.


-Change the numbers

-Attack one goal adding more realism.


Drill 2.

football coaching


-Set up the area as above. It can obviously be 7v7, 9v9 etc.


-Normal game with normal rules.

-The coach walks  around during the game and at any time he/she can throw a ball in to the game looking for overloads.

-As soon as the coach introduces the new ball, the previous ball is dead.

-The team who receives this pass must attack the goal as quickly as possible.


-Work on overloads in different thirds of the pitch.

-Distribute ball to even numbers or under loads.

-Look at this as an opportunity focus on recovery runs etc.


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