For these three training drills there needs to be a good supply of footballs to keep up the tempo of the sessions. You can use our Nike training footballs for this.


Drill 1.

football coaching


-Set up suitable for numbers and ability.


-Whites and blues having a fight in the middle.

-Whites scoring in one goal and blues the other.

-If the blues have the blue in their half, whites must win the ball and transfer it to their side.

-Reds act as bounce players and must play off one touch.

-We played first to score 2 goals.

-1 goal if all the defending team are in their defending half and 2 goals if they are not all in.


Drill 2.

football coaching


-Set up suitable for numbers and ability.

-Good ball supply.



-Blues play applying any tactics and style they want.

-The whites however when defending must have everyone behind the ball within 3 seconds except one player. It doesn’t matter who it is.

-If they do not get behind the ball the blues get a goal.

-If the blues have possession in the whites defending third then all whites except one player must be in the defending third not behind the ball.


Drill 3. 

football coaching


-As shown on the diagram.


-Blue have 15 players against the whites who have 8.

-The whites have the same 3 second rule as the previous game.

-The blues condition is that the player on the ball must always have four passing options. If this does not happen immediately then the whites get a goal.

-I always offer the team with less players a 1-0 or 2-0 head start. It’s up to them if they take it.


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