Half Court 

signature training drills


-Set up the area as above.


-Blues and whites compete in the 18yard box.

-The team in possession of the ball, can only score once they visit the yellows on the outside and receive it back.

-If the other regain possession they must then go through the same process before scoring.

-The yellows must play off one touch.


-Try to receive the ball facing the goal.

-Try to get half a yard and release get shots off.


4 Ball

signature training drills


-Set up the area as above.


-The white player dribbles to the mannequin and produces a shot.

-The blue player then plays a one two with the white player who just took a shot.

-Once the blue player shoots they collect a ball from the side and dribble down the line and produce a cross.

-Before this the pink player attacks a yellow defender one on one.

-Once this has finished the blue player will produce a cross for the white and pink player against two yellow defenders.


Power Shooting 

signature training drills


-Set up the area as above and vary the size depending your objectives and ability.


-Each team is 4v2 in their own defending half.

-The objective is to score goals either by

1.Power shot from your own half.

2.Either of your two strikers.

Each team can use the yellows, however they must play off one touch.

First team to win 5 matches !!!





Time Limits 


If you have any signature training sessions tweet us @UKFootballKits

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