• The FB starts by having 10 quick touches of the ball from the pole to the mannequin.
  • They must move the ball outside the line of their body, like moving in a zig zag.
  • They then play a one two around the mannequin.
  • The delivery must go over the first set of goals and into the far set.
  • By all means look to add a variety of crosses.

Blocking Crosses

blocking crosses


  • Defender vs attacker.
  • Each player must stay their side of the line.
  • The attacker tries to hit the far set of goals.
  • The defender tries to block the cross.
  • There is no tackling.


Blocking Crosses 2 

bloking crosses 2


  • Similar to the previous sessions, however the ball is played out to the wide player.
  • The defender moves as the ball does.
  • Again the attacker tries to deliver the ball in to the far set of goals.
  • The defender tries to prevent the cross.
  • Normal game rules apply.
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