• The reds try to pass the ball to each other.
  • They can do this by either passing directly to each other or use the whites.
  • The yellows in the middle tries to prevent the red player receiving the ball.


Breaking Lines

breaking lines


  • Set up the area as above


  • The whites pass the back below head height.
  • The blues try to intercept.
  • When releasing the pass do whatever it takes to get it through.
  • When receiving the pass  move into position to help the player releasing the ball.


Blocking Shots

blocking shots



  • The ball is played to the red forward who has to try and release a shot in the yellow square towards the main goal.
  • The white defender must block the shot or even better regain possession and play the ball into either of the small goals.

Spicing it up!

Give each player 20 attempts each to make it competitive!


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