• The two white players in front of the small goal pass the ball back and fourth to each other.
  • Whilst the ball is moving the yellow defenders must move laterally and mark the mannequin on the correct shoulder.
  • At any time the two whites can hit the ball in to the small goal which means all the yellow press and move forward to the next mannequin.
  • As the defenders go through the process they will eventually come up against a player.
  • They must prevent this player turning and even better try to intercept the ball when required.





  • The white player on the ball has two choices.
  • He either leaves the ball in the centre circle for the striker to pick up and attack 1v1 or he can try and release the striker in behind.
  • The defender must identify when to step, drop or hold.


Blocking Shots

blocking shots


  • The two whites pass the ball back and fourth to each other.
  • At any time either of them can take a forward touch towards goal and produce a shot.
  • The defender must be taking snap shots of the situation and look to block any shot at goal..
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