Key Passes 

key passes


  • The yellows play against the whites in the square 3v2. By all means change the numbers to suit your formation.
  • It is important that the yellows always have players in front and behind the whites.
  • At the right time the yellows must try to break the line.
  • As soon as the players receives the ball they must turn and look to play a key pass to the striker.
  • Once the striker receives the ball they have 3 seconds to score.





  • The four whites try to move the ball end to end (top to bottom).
  • They can either split the yellows down the middle or go through the side men.
  • The yellows try to prevent forward passes and keep the ball in front of them and not behind them.





  • The two whites pass the ball back and fourth to one another.
  • At any time they can release the ball into the small goal – pop up, or bazooka goal.
  • The yellow must block the goal and then apply pressure to the ball.
  • Now and then the whites throw in a loose pass which the yellow player must pounce on and then produce a shot towards goal.
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