Play Like Austria – Long Shooting

1. 3 queues


  • Players split into 3 queues
  • Footballs are with the servers by the posts
  • Server will play into the attacker by the mannequin and look to press the ball
  • The attacker must gain control and look to shoot before the pressure arrives
  • White serves to Red
  • Red serves to White
  • Coach ensures rotation occurs


  • 2 players can pressure the ball from each side of the post (re jig the queue order)

Key Tips

  • Strike the ball with laces and fast limb speed
  • Assess where the goal is before the shot is taken
  • Try to mentally block out that defenders are approaching – focus on ball contact

Coach’s Tip

  • Practice can be done with 4 players – Just add a cone into the middle of the area (if all sides are taken player can move to the space cone)

2. Football Dodgeball


  • 2 teams, players are separated by a middle coned zone
  • Players can pass to each other but only have 5 seconds to score when the ball is in their half
  • GK’s have a supply of footballs if the ball leaves the playing area
  • The team without the ball look to protect their goalkeeper but cannot stand on the goalkeeper’s line
  • If one of the defensive players (including the goalkeeper) catches a shot the player who had the shot is ‘out’ and all other players can re-join. If a catch is attempted and dropped the player who made the attempt is out
  • If a goal is scored the player who scores nominates a player from the opposite team to ‘go out’
  • Players who are out ‘play one touch, one bounce’

Key Tips

  • Adjust the pitch size to meet the needs of the individuals power output when striking
  • Set team mates up for volleys

3. Football dodgeball Progression

  • Same setup as 2. Football Dodgeball
  • Normal game
  • If a goal is scored from over the half way line 1 goal is added and 1 goal is taken away from the opposition

Key Tips

  • Adapt pitch size for success or to stretch players

First team to 5 goals wins

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