Play Like Albania – Crossing and Finishing

1. Crossing and Finishing


  • Players are split into two lines
  • Each player has a ball
  • Player crosses from the gated area into the attacker looking to score
  • The player who attempts the shot collects the ball and joins the other queue. The player who crossed immediately follows the pass, runs around the pole and looks to finish from the next cross
  • Process repeats itself until all players have had an attempt in both goals


  • Adjust position of gate to encourage different types of crosses
  • Ensure players are crossing off both feet
  • Ensure high tempo

Key Tip

  • Place the ball in front of oncoming attacker


  • Time the strides in to the ball
  • Finish with the foot nearest the ball if the ball is level with the front leg.
  • Back foot if the cross is in front of the body

2. Same Practice


  • Add defender


  • Queue
  • Cross
  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Collect the ball
  • Join the opposite queue

Key Tips

  • Move the defender with clever movement
  • Anticipate where the ball will land
  • Crosser, play eyes up before the cross to help assess movement.

3. 3 Sets of Players


  • 3 sets of players
  • 1 set of 4 players are in the crossing channels and play for the team in possession
  • 2 sets of players compete in the middle as if they were involved in a conventional game. Red score in one goal, Yellow the other
  • For a goal to be validated there must be a clear cross and finish
  • Coach rotates roles every 5 minutes


  • Bonus 2 goals = Volley
  • Bonus 3 goals = Header
  • Competition – First team to 5 points

Key Tips

  • Time the attacking runs so that there is no stationary finishes
  • Crosses play with ‘eyes up’ and place the ball in dangerous zones
  • Have fun!
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