Play Like Czech Republic – Using your Goalkeeper

1. Warm Up


  • A queue of players (south west)
  • Ball each as spares
  1. Ball moves laterally across (follow pass)
  2. Ball is played into the goalkeeper (player moves across to the right)
  3. Goalkeeper switches play (north west)
  4. Ball travels laterally across (player moves to the queue)
  5. Play into goalkeeper – move to the right
  6. Goalkeeper switches play

Sequence continues

  • Coach encourages right foot ball striking from south east
  • Coach encourage left foot ball striking from north east
  • Service can be played along the floor or driven into the hands

Key Tips

  • Pass appreciation / pass of speed
  • Movement away from the cone (late and quick)
  • When moving ‘face the game’ e.g. the ball
  • Goalkeepers – be agile, aware and distribute the ball clearly on the floor

2. Progression:

  • 2 extra players who are in a fixed position next to the middle pole, take a penalty with their ‘less favoured’ foot after the goalkeeper has attempted a save
  • The goalkeeper then gets worked twice
  • If the goalkeeper clearly saves the pole he roles the ball back to the taker

Key Tips

  • Check angles / starting position
  • Show the attacker where to shoot
  • React quickly after the first save to deal with the second shot
  • Stay positive

3. 6 v 6 match


  • To score the goalkeeper must have touched the ball in the build-up phase
  • A goal will only count if the opposition have not touched the ball before it enters the goal

Key Tips

  • Use your goalkeeper to help switch play
  • Use your goalkeeper when there are no clear lateral passes
  • Trust your goalkeeper on the ball
  • Create space for your goalkeeper to distribute
  • Receive off the back foot
  • Scan the pitch before you receive to optimize decision making
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