Play Like Ukraine – Combination in Wide Areas

1. Overlaps


  • Players are split into 3’s at each disc
  • Middle player always starts with the ball
  • Plays a soft diagonal pass in front of the player to the right
  • The pass invites the attacker into the space which creates space behind for the passer to overlap quickly
  • The receiver becomes the passer and they link with the left hand side player by passing softly and then overlapping
  • The process is repeated until all 3 players recall the other side

Key Tips

  • Pass soft
  • Run hard
  • Play 1 touch where possible

2. Underlap


  • Players split into 3 queues
  • Footballs start in the middle
  • 1 goal / 2 mannequins / GK optional
  • The central players play wide and make a blond side run on the mannequin
  • The wide player plays a ‘line ball’ and quickly runs towards the goal
  • The player receives attempts to play a first time cross into the path of the wide player who shoots first time at goal
  • Play must then go out the other way
  • Players rotate queues after each go
  • Without a goalkeeper – both the left and right side can work out the same time + more repetition

Key Tips

  • When performing the underlap – run hard and point where you want the pass to be played
  • Check the shoulder before the cross is executed to assess where the cross needs to go

3. Crossing and Finishing Game


  • Standard pitch with 2 wide channels
  • 1 v 1 in the wide channels
  • A 2 v 1 created when a player from the central area plays out

This will create an overload situation

  • Score normally = 1 goal
  • Score from a cross = 5 goals

Key Tip

  • Play wide when the wide player has created good space
  • Make the decision when to overlap / underlap
  • Combine quickly and efficiently
  • Cross accurately


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