Play Like Germany – Switch Play

1. Switching play in 3’s


  • Players are in 3’s
  • 2 players are fixed on 2 cones on the outside, 1 player operates in the middle zone
  • Player in the middle looks to receive off their team mate and play through to the other player
  • To trigger a rotation of the middle players, one of the players on the outside when they have possession of the ball, faces away from the centre and dribbles the ball around the cone at the back of their starting position, the other 2 members of the team swap positions and the practice continues


  • The player who is awaiting to receive the ball on the outside can turn their back on the middle player at any stage – this means the middle player has to ‘stay connected’ to the ball until the outside player turns back around

3 touch – stop, swift, pass in the middle
2 touch – back foot set, play through with same/ other foot
1 touch – no touch turn; pass with first touch

2. Progression for advanced players

  • When a player on the outside plays into the middle they immediately move to another cone on the outside (even if it is taken by another player)
  • The middle player then receives and is forced to score to see where the new position of the team mate is

This will influence

  • Where they receive the ball
  • How they receive the ball
  • Which foot to use

Key Tip

  • To be successful at the exercise lots of ‘head movements’ to check out where you’re moving team mate is will improve technique and decision making of where to receive the ball and where to direct the first touch

3. Defender free end zones


  • 2 equal teams of 6
  • 8 players are sectioned to defender free end zones
  • Team 1 play north to south
  • Team 2 play east to west
  • When the ball enters the end zone the ball must be played laterally across before it goes back into the playing area
  • Rotate players every 2 minutes

Key Tip

  • Play with freedom
  • Check shoulders
  • Create angles and passing channels for end players
  • Receive off the back foot
  • Combine quickly
  • Use a variety of receiving techniques and passing techniques
  • End players disguise your passes, break lines with the pass / play into correct side of the attacker
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