Play Like Wales – Counter Attacking

Themed Games: Attacking in 2’s


  • Players are split into 2 teams – 1 team attacks north, the other south
  • Players will always attack in 2’s
  • Players can only score in the ‘score zone’ marked by poles
  1. Golden Rules – The player who shoots must touch the ‘bar or post’ before they rejoin the game and defend
  2. Once the attacking team have scored/ missed the other team attack straight away – leaving a 2 v 1 situation with a RECOVERING DEFENDER
  3. Players will always finish back at their end and swap sides each go
  4. Coach varies which side (right or left) the ball starts from

Key Tips

  • Attack with pace and intent before the recovery defender rejoins to make a 2 v 2
  • Pass only if your team mate is in a better scoring position than you!
  • Promote counter attacking when the ball is turned over

Themed Games: Players in Control


  • 2 teams
  • Players are in control as to how many players they send out onto the pitch per go
  • A team can send 1 player out or all of the players
  • If a team score with just 1 of their players out they would score maximum points (e.g. 6) if they send out all their players and score they would score a basic minimum of 1 point
  • First team to 15 points wins
  • Players must run around the pole on the nearest corner before they enter the pitch
  • Coach serves the ball into the middle of the pitch


  • Coach determines which team is defending and counter attacking
  • Defensive team send out 1 less player than the attackers each time to promote counter attack

Key Tips

  • Delay, deflect, intercept, and travel with the ball
  • Players sprint into attacking positions to receive the ball
  • Run past the ball carrier

2 equal teams


  • There is always an overload
  • The player who has a shot and misses is the player who stands at the pole. They will be replaced by the next player who fails with a shot at goal
  • 3 v 2
  • Continuous play for 4 minutes
  • Players have 10 seconds to score a goal, on indirect free kick will be given to the other team if the time lapses


  • Limit touches per individual
  • Team has only 4 passes to score
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