This training session is focused on direct play from midfielders.

Louis has also given us two examples of direct play from two midfield giants.

Example 1-  Iniesta:

Louis’ Training Session

Drill 1.

football coaching

-Set up the area as above. Vary the size depending on age, ability and numbers.
-2 CB’s for each team at one end each in their own box.
-When a CB receives a pass, they must transfer the ball across to the other CB before returning the ball back in to the game.
-3v3 in the middle with the rule that they can never all be in the same half . Encourage plenty of movement and rotations.
-The 3 in the middle can pass the ball back to the CB’s if there is a problem, however once the ball goes the CB remember the rule where they have to pass it across.
-The idea is that a midfield player can break out from the middle and attack a CB 1v1 towards a goal.

Drill 2.

football coaching

-Same as the previous session
-Similar rules as before.
-The defending team have the floater/magic man/extra player.
-When the ball is with the CB’s 1 defender is allowed in to press .
-The team in possession must find alternative ways of getting the ball to both CB’s.

Example 2-  Zidane:

Let us have your feedback on this training session, and if it will help any grassroots coaches out there produce the midfield stars of the future.

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