Block off the pitch and just work in the final third.

  • 3 teams and to challenge, they don’t have to be equal.
  • Whites attack, yellows defend and blues are ready for the next phase.
  • The yellows continue to defend until they regain possession and pass to the blues.
  • The whites then become defenders and blues attack whilst while the yellows retreat to the coned line.
  • If whites score they return to the coned line, the yellows continue to defend and the blues attack.


  • 11 vs 11.
  • Run a line across the final third at both ends.
  • Normal football rules apply.
  • Once the team in possession enter the final third they must remain there.
  • If the play a pass back in to the middle third the next pass must go back in to the final third one touch.
  • If the ball does not go directly back in to the final third with using one touch the coach throws another ball to the other team.
  • The old ball is dead and the new ball is in play.

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