Drill 1.

midfield movement training


-Set up the area as above keeping varying the distances depending on ability.


-The whites pass the ball between them and then lend it into the team in possession.

-The team in possession try and work the ball end to end.


-Try and find an area all to yourself.

-Try not to spend more than 3 seconds in the same zone.

-Can you clear space for others?

-Can you swap with someone to cause the defenders problems?

Drill 2.

midfield movement training


-Set up the area as above.


-Players can go anywhere they like.

-Normal game rules apply.


-Try and find a zone to yourself.

-Identify when to play wide and when to cut through the middle.

Point Scoring System

-If a player is in the same area for 3 seconds the other team get a goal.

-If you score from a sequence of play where a wide player rotates with a central player, 2 goals.

-Literally decide on whatever you want to do as long as you justify it.

Drill 3.

midfield movement training


-Set up the area as above .


-11v11 game with the box in the middle.

-It is important that you explain to players that they are playing in a non pressured environment and they are free to do what ever movements they want.

Conditions I used:

It doesn’t  matter who does goes where but I need 3 boxes at least filled when in possession.

-When you release the ball from the box you must move out of that box otherwise the opposition get a goal.

-I also gave extra goals for double or triple rotations.


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