If you coach an U9’s team these training sessions are designed specifically for you.

U 9’s Coaching Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above varying the distances depending on ability and numbers.


-4-5 players in each team.

-Each team has their own ball and they must transfer the ball end to end.

-They must visit both boxes at each end by passing the ball sideways.


-How many times can they transfer the ball end to end in one minute ?

-Can you make a forward pass followed by a backwards pass ?

-Can you perform a skill when required?


U 9’s Coaching Drill 2. 

football coaching


-Same as previous


-Same process as the previous game with each team having their own ball and transferring it end to end. They must complete both boxes at each end.


-Each team has a turn of becoming defenders.

-Notice the greens going first. The other teams must retain possession of their ball. If they lose possession they get another ball and continue.

-If the defenders win the ball they must make 3 quick passes and leave the ball.

-Play for 2 minutes.


U 9’s Coaching Drill 3. 

football coaching


-2 pitches suitable for numbers and ability.

-Good ball supply.


-Split your players into two teams.

-Once you know the numbers you can design 4 matches  as below.

Game 1 – Pitch 1 8v6     Pitch 2 5v7

Game 2 – Pitch 1 5v9     Pitch 2 8v4

Game 3 – Pitch 1 5v5     Pitch 2 7v7

Game 4 – Pitch 1 8v7     Pitch 2 5v6

-Play one game at a time and it is up to the players to split their team as they wish.

-Play each game for 4-10 minutes.

-If a team wins they get one point.

-If the winning team keep a clean sheet they get two points.

-Team with the most points wins!

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