Do you manage an U12’s team? These training drills were designed specifically for that age group. The drills were made for the Turks and Caicos national boys U12’s team, by Louis Lancaster Watford FC U15’s coach.

Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above varying the distances depending on ability and numbers.


-4-5 players in each team.

-Each team has their own ball and they must transfer the ball end to end.

-They must visit both boxes at each end by passing the ball sideways.


-How many times can they transfer the ball end to end in one minute ?

-Can you make a forward pass followed by a backwards pass ?

-Can you perform a skill when required?

Drill 2. 


-Set up the area as above.


-4 teams in one area.

-Blues v yellows across the pitch.

-Greens v whites up and down the pitch.

-Make sure there is a good ball supply.

-if the coach calls ‘change’ then the blues and yellows play up and down the pitch and whites and greens play across.

-The coach calls as many times as they like.

Drill 3. 


-Same as the previous game however there are no bibs and players must play in silence.

-If a player makes a sound it is a free kick to the other team.


“Street football is the most natural form of education and this is a great way to replace it in your session.”


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