You are able to develop and adapt each of these training sessions to suite your own players abilities, age, and needs.

Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Two goals back to back.

-Use an area suitable for your numbers and ability.


-Blues and whites fight in the middle.

-Reds are bounce players on the outside.

-First team to score in both goals wins the game.

-When a team regains possession they must play and receive a pass from any red player first. If the other team regain possession they do the same.

-If blues score in a goal they must now score in the second goal to win.

-The whites however can score in any goal still.

-If the whites regain the ball, visit a red player and then score then they only to score in the remaining goal to win.

-The blues would then need to score in both goals again.

-I usually play 3 minute games.


Drill 2. 

football coaching


-Same as the previous set up, however separate the goals by 10-15 yards to increase the intensity.


-This time you have two teams.

-Blues score in one goal and whites the other.

-A team can only score when all their team are in one section, which is the goal line to the coned line.

-If both teams are in the blues section and whites regain the ball. They must try and get the ball to their goal.

-If all of the defending team are also in the same zone and that team score they only get 1 goal.

-If a team score and there is one defender not in the zone then the team that scored now get 2 goals.

-I usually play first team to win 5 matches.


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