Session 1 

session 1


  • Adapt size to suit the needs of your players .


  • Whites and blues fight in the middle.
  • Normal football rules apply (offside, corners etc.).
  • To win the game a team must score in the central goal in the usual position.
  • To gain control of the big goal a team must score in the oppositions goal at one end first.
  • If the whites score in the blue goal, the whites then try to score in the main goal.
  • The blue keeper would rush to the central goal to protect it.
  • If the blues then went on to score in the whites goal, they would then take control of the big goa meaning the whites would have to go and score in the blue goal again.
  • Whoever gains control and scores in the central goal wins!


 Session 2 

session 2


  • Set up the area as above, suiting the needs of your players.


  • All players move round the circuit.
  • They attack the goal 1v1 towards a goal.
  • Once they attack they then defend the same goal.
  • Once a player has defended  goal they move round to the next goal to attack.



  • 2v2/3v3s etc.
  • Over/under loads.
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