Mitre Ultimatch 18 Match Football
Product Code: BB1068WKR
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Mitre Ultimatch Match Football Product Code: BB1068WKR


Mitre Ultimatch Choosing the right ball for the right purpose is an important part of preparing players and issuing appropriate equipment for every level of playing. Understanding the difference between types of football and their best use is something that football coaches need to know. Starting seven-year-olds off with a Size 5 adult ball isn’t going to be of much help – they need a Size 3 – so some research into the best football for various situations will pay off.


Mitre footballs With a wide selection of Mitre footballs, there is a football available for every purpose and every age, and the Mitre Ultimatch is a good example of the way Mitre works on the design process. The company’s approach to football design is particularly innovative, as would be expected from one of the world’s leading sporting brands. It’s been around for almost 200 years, and even though its main focus is on the beautiful game that originated in England, it turns its competent and imaginative hands to a variety of other sports. However, it’s footballs that are fundamental to the company’s success; the Mitre Ultimatch making a significant contribution to Mitre’s development of players around the world.


The Ultimatch The Mitre Ultimatch is one of the Mitre footballs aimed specifically at juniors who are making the switch to senior football. For many players this can be a significant step up, so the right ball can be a real help during that transition. The Mitre Ultimatch has a 4-ply construction that makes it easy for younger players to make a cleaner strike, which is something that engenders confidence as they develop their skills and experience. The durable surface of the Mitre Ultimatch makes the ball playable in all types of conditions, whether on dry or wet grass or astro. They can also be used successfully indoors. These superb Mitre footballs are available in three sizes, for adults, 10 to 14-year-olds and for younger players. The Mitre Ultimatch footballs also come in four attractive colour schemes, with three being white with either navy, yellow or red decorations, or yellow with a navy decoration. You can also save money with our  multibuy deals. You can also view our range of Mitre football kits to go with the footballs.