1. Rules:

-Whites and reds play across the pitch (mark with football bibs).
-Black and yellow play up and down the pitch.
-Play for 5 mins and then change opposition.


Game 1 – Normal
Game 2 – Silence, free kick if sound is made (no clapping)
Game 3 – Hit the spare man to score double points (the ‘floater’ or ‘magic man’ that can play for either team).
Game 4 – Give the players ownership to decide (this could get interesting, the players decide on their own rules, decide if the games are played in silence etc).


1. Players should be constantly checking over their shoulder for a 360 degrees view.
2. Players should receive and face opposition goal when you can.
3. Go past players alone or while combining with teammates.


2. Rules:

-2 teams compete up and down the pitch
-2 teams compete across the pitch
-Normal football rules

This happens every school day at lunch time for many children, even if the match is 15 aside, and both teams are wearing the same school shirts, they will always remember who is on who’s team.

To challenge player further, mix up the teams once again and play in SILENCE with NO BIBS


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