Louis Lancaster teaches us how football tennis can be used in a training session. You can purchase football tennis sets here; https://www.discountfootballkits.com/Soccer-Tennis-Sets

Football tennis

Benefits of football tennis:


-Team work

-Group cohesion

-Low intensity


-First team to 7 points, 11 points, 3 games, whatever you decide. A player/team must win by 2 clear points.

-You can only score on your service.

-One team serves the ball over using a half volley (no second serves).

-When the ball enters your side your team are allowed a maximum of 3 touches, however anyone player is only allowed a maximum of 2 touches.

-The ball can bounce once, however if you touch the ball before a bounce it can now not bounce.

-You can use all parts of the body except hands.

-If a team fail to return the ball, the other team is awarded a point or service.

-These rules are a guide. Implement whatever rules you wish. They may change depending on the ability of the players.

Premier League Format:

This can run in one afternoon or over a period of weeks

-3 points for a win

-1 point for a draw

-0 points for a loss

FA Cup:

Divide your team in to pairs. I tend to put CB’s, FW’s together etc.

Run it exactly like the FA Cup.

This can be done over a period of weeks or in one session by having 3 of 4 games running simultaneously.

Round The Court:

This is always a winner from my experience.

Divide your squad into 2. A line in each half. The idea is a player hits the ball across and runs round the court to join the back of other line. They can only play off one touch. The last two players play a normal game first to 3points.

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