-A rectangle roughly  30 by 40

-A square of football cones in each corner 7 by 7

-3,4 or 5 teams made up of 3 or 4 players.


-Each team has their own ball.

-They must pass and move towards one end.

-They must get the ball into one of the squares. If they visit the yellow square then the ball must go across to the orange. You can go back into the same square if it is not on to go across.

-Once both squares have been completed they must now pass and move down the other end.


Change size of area to suit players.

-Use as many teams as you wish.



-Same rules as before however there is now opposed pressure.

-Teams must visit both squares.

-Play for 2 minutes and every time  a team complete one end they get a point.

-A defender in each zone can win your ball. However they are not allowed in the squares.

If they win the ball their objective is then to try and make 3 quick passes., then leaving the ball for opposition.


-Receive the ball trying to face forward

-Create a triangle once ball is in square (as above)

-Use alternative ways to be successful. Playing over, around or through the defenders.



-Same rules as before however the defenders are not restricted to zones. They can go wherever they wish except the squares.

-If they win the ball they can go for the goals.


-Recognise when it is on to go to the  other end and when it is not.

-Do you go alone or combine with others?

-Passing safe side

One touch passing will help complete both squares.

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