-Set up the area as above.

-Keep it narrow, as any wider would mean adding wide players. The aim is to attack central.

-Whites are playing 4-3-3, with blues playing 4-4-2, but we have broken it down.

-The blues 6 players in the middle are made up of 2CM’s, 2WG’s and 2FW’s all dropping the area.


-The whites must only defend in their area.

-The blues have 6 players in the middle box and attack the goal.

-They keep the ball using a 6v3 overload. At any time 3 blues can escape the middle box and attack the 2 CB’s and go for goal.

-If the whites win the ball they must try and hit the white players on the side. They then recycle the ball back into the practice.

-If whites get tired they can swap with the outside players.



-Give the white CB’s a choice. They can stay where they are or 1 of them can come into the middle to increase the numbers. This will now leave even more space in behind for you to attack.

-Allow one of the blue CB’s to dribble the ball into the middle box adding another player.

-Allow both white CB’s to join in with the understanding they are leaving lots of space in behind them.

-Play using the same size area, but with no zones. Add a linesman as you need it to be as realistic as possible.

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