The 6 Yard Line

If the delivery is in swinging, like this one, then the defenders may choose to go one yard inside the six yard box in order to come out and attack the ball. If the delivery is out swinging then they generally start on the six yard line.

3 Bases

As you can see  all bases in the picture above are covered. You have defenders cutting out the ball at the front post, front, middle, and back of goal, defenders are also in the 2nd six yard box. Remember this is an example of one team, you can deploy you players as you wish.

Positioning the players

You can position your strongest players how you wish to. Often the best aerial defenders are on the six yard line, smaller players can be used to cut out first ball and you can have your faster players looking to counter attack.

The 2nd line

The second line of defenders block runners coming through to the first line. This prevents the attackers running on to the ball and maximising their height advantage.

Edge of the Box 

In the 1st phase the ball is delivered. During the 2nd phase there is a fight for the ball and there may even be a 4th, 5th, or 6th phase. Whatever the phase the player on the edge of the box is there to apply pressure to the attacker, block shots, and set up counter attacks.

Disadvantages of zonal marking

– It  can be more complicated to deliver the zonal system to players as each player has a job to do. Every player must know their job and do their job. 

– You can leave attackers unmarked potentially allowing them to get a running jump for the ball. This can give the attackers a better chance to make clean contact. 

– As you only have one defender in each zone the, attackers can overload areas making it potentially a 3v1 situation at the back post.

– If the ball lands on the edge of a zone two defenders could end up going for the same ball. If they misjudge the flights of the ball and miss it then a zone could be left empty. 



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