Note: ‘Defending when out of balance’ refers to times when your team may be ‘unbalanced’, such as your full back is out of position after attacking, or you are hit on the counter when pressing for a last minute goal.

Game 1. Rules:

-Whites defend the big goal and try to score in any of the four goals once they gain possession.

-Yellows play towards the big goal and defend the small goals if they lose possession.

-The goal keeper starts the game by playing to the yellows. As this happens a white defender must run around one of the red poles and re-join the game as quickly as possible. This gives the yellows a 4v3 overload.

Tips for defenders:

-Slow attackers down allowing defender to recover.

-Nearest player to the ball apply pressure

-Others provide support and cover

-Force the attackers away from the goal


Game 2. Rules:

-2 teams play each other 5v5, 6v6,7v7 etc

-Before a team can score they must lend the ball to the red player (game changer) and get it back.

-However the game changer may give it back (orange line) or give it to the opposition (blue line).

Tips for defending:

If the red players lends the ball to the opposition you now are defending out of balance.

-Slow down the opposition and allow team to reorganize.

-Prevent forward passes

-Try and force the play to the most advantageous area

-Can forwards look to get into good positions early ready for the regain.


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