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  • The first ball is played out wide which creates a 1 v 1 situation. The yellow player stays in his zone and the blue player cannot cross the line. Progress to allowing complete freedom.
  • Notice there are two yellows on the edge of the box who can attack the crosses if they come in.
  • Second ball is played to the other side.
  • Third ball is played central where the yellows have a 3 v 2 overload. They must get a shot off whilst in that zone.

Louis Lancaster Training Drill Blocking crosses and shots


Similar to the previous practice.

  • 1st ball out wide for a 1v1.
  • 2nd ball out to the other side for a 1v1
  • 3rd ball 3v2 in the central zone.
  • 4th ball 5v4 full width no restrictions.
  • 5th ball 6v4 full width no restrictions.
  • To solve the issue extra players simply have spare defenders behind the goal with extra attackers deployed around the pitch to come on.

Louis Lancaster Training Drill Blocking crosses and shots

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