Part 1

The four players in possession move the ball sideways trying to hit their two target players in front of them.

  • The defending four are trying to prevent forward play by blocking passes, no tackling allowed however you can introduce this later.
  • If a target player receives the ball he must play it to his mate one touch and they both look to score in the goals provided.
  • The defenders can move in to the zone behind them to defend the goal once the ball bypasses them.

Football Training Drills - Compactness

Part 2

The yellows switch the ball side to side twice.

  • During this time the defenders must move laterally maintaining compactness.
  • As soon as the ball has switched twice unopposed the game then becomes live with the yellows attacking the goal with the whites defending it.
  • Normal football rules apply.
  • If the whites regain possession they must try to hit targets.
  • Once the ball becomes dead the process continues again.

Football Training Drill - Compactness 2

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