Part 1

The ball works its way around the circuit.

  • Add more passing and receiving points to keep the players active if you have more players.
  • I tend to let the players work the ball from start to finish however they choose. A little challenge I throw in is they cannot produce the same pattern twice in a row.
  • Once the player at the top receives the ball they drive at the defender creating a 1v1.
  • If they score the return to the start position, however if they do not score they become the defender.
  • To spice it up you can throw in first player to score 5 goals!

Part 2

Side Sections

  • The player aims for 50 touches of the ball between the base line and the 18 yard box.
  • They then play the ball off the rebound boards.
  • Fire it in to the coach and then finish in the goal.
  • They then move round to the half way line for the next part of the process.

Central Section

  • Two players attack the one defender.
  • Out of the two attackers whatever one loses possession then becomes the defender for the next defenders. If the pair score they move then move round to a side section each and the defenders stays for the next attack.

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