Louis Lancaster takes us through a variety of drills for 1v1 training drills. The equipment used in these training sessions includes footballs, football cones, and small football goals.

Drill 1.

1v1 training

The white player goes 1v1 against the blue. The blue then joins their queue where the white player then defends.

Drill 2.

1v1 training

The blue player passes to the white. The white player can now score in either goal.

Drill 3.

1v1 training

The white player goes against the blue and attempts to score in the opposite goal. They then defend the opposite goal.

Drill 4.

1v1 training

The whites perform a simple pass and follow resulting in a 1v1 towards goal.

Drill 5.

1v1 training

The blue player attacks the white player 1v1 in the square. They can leave the square either side producing a shot at goal.

Drill 6.

1v1 training

The whites have 3 minutes to score as many goals as they can.

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