• Split however many players you into two teams.
  • Each team then splits their team again into two.


Round 1

round 1

Pitch 1

Blues v  Whites (4v4)

Pitch 2 

Blues v Whites (4v4)

  • Play for however many minutes you wish.
  • Each game is worth a point.


Round 2 

round 2


Blues v Whites (8v8)


  • This game is played on the big pitch.
  • You can either play a long game 20 minutes or have two halves.
  • Winning team gets a point.


Round 3 

round 3

  • Go back to playing 4v4s on the small pitches across the main pitch.
  • Each team must play the team they haven’t played.

Pitch 1

Blues v Whites (4v4)

Pitch 2

Blues v Whites (4v4)

Team who collected the most points wins!


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