This training session was inspired by Nick Levett. You can find out more about Nick on his Twitter page @nlevett.

Drill 1. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above. Vary the size depending on numbers and ability.


-Split your players into two teams.

-Once you know the numbers you can design 5 matches as below.

Game 1 – Pitch 1 4v7                   Pitch 2 8v5

Game 2 – Pitch 1 6v5                   Pitch 2 6v7

Game 3 – Pitch 1 6v3                   Pitch 2 6v9

Game 4 – Pitch 1 2v2                   Pitch 2 10v10 (using 2 balls)

Game 5 – Pitch 1 5v8                   Pitch 2 7v4

-Play one game at a time and it is up to the players to split their team as they wish.

-Play each game for 8 minutes.

-If a team wins they get one point.

-If the winning team keep a clean sheet they get two points.

Drill 2. 

football coaching


-Set up the area as above. Vary the size depending  on numbers and ability.


-Each team deploys their players however they wish. The only rule is they must have a player on each pitch.

-They must keep this a secret as it is important not to tell the other team.

-Once both teams have told the coach how they have chosen to deploy their players, you now draw out of a hat how many points each pitch is worth.

– The team who wins the game earns the points the pitch is worth.

-Repeat this process 5 times and reveal the total points and winning team.

I can honestly say from my experience this is the players most enjoyable session.

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