Split all your players into 2 teams.

Each team then divides their team into 3 teams and place each team at one of the three activities.

  1. 1v1s
  2. 2v2s
  3. 5v5 game

The whites stay at the end of each practice whilst the yellows move round.

Once the yellows have visited each practice the whites the move round.




  • The coach plays in the ball.
  • The whites try to score in the goals to the right.
  • The yellows try to score in the goals to the left.
  • After 2 minutes change sides and repeat this twice.
  • Team with the most goals wins!



  • We played four periods of two minutes.
  • 2v2 in the middle.
  • If a team score they get the next ball.
  • If nobody scores then the team to sprint back to their own line first receives the next ball.



  • We played four periods of two minutes.
  • Some periods were conditioned whilst others were free play.
  • Make sure you have a good ball supply.

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