Be sure to have a good ball supply.

  • Reduce the size of the grid throughout to challenge the players decision making.
  • Play this for 2 minutes periods.
  • 7 blues aim to retain possession.
  • Limiting players to one or two touch really tests the brain.
  • Give a point for x amount of passes.
  • If the 3 whites regain possession they try to score a goal.


Set up your area with 4 zones. They can all be different sizes if you want. This gives the players a variety of challenge.

  • Blues and whites are competing for possession.
  • The team in possession can use the 2 jokers making it effectively 5 v 3.
  • The team in possession must try and make 6 passes in a square. Once achieved they must move the ball to another square and repeat the process.
  • The team to win is the team to complete all 6 boxes in succession.

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