Deploy three players in the middle of the centre circle with the rest of the team/squad around the outside.

  • Players on the outside play off one touch.
  • The three players in the middle try to regain the ball. If successful they join the outside players.
  • The player who lost possession then becomes the defender along with the player to his right and left.
  • Add a target number of passes to spice it up!


Adjust the area to meet the needs of the players.

  • Divide the players so there are 4 on the outside (blue), 4 inside (yellow)and two floaters also inside (white).
  • The four blues combine with each other and the whites to retain possession from the yellows.
  • If the yellows regain possession from the blues they swap positions. If the yellows regain possession from the whites they must then try to make 20 passes 4 v 2 against the whites.

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