Adjust the area to meet your desired outcomes.

  • 3 equal teams if possible, adjust if needed.
  • Deploy the defending team in the centre circle.
  • The diagram shows the blues 4v2 against the whites. The blues must complete 8 passes before passing to either of the yellows in the remaining squares.
  • Once a yellow receives the ball they all join the square to try and complete the 8 passes. The next set of white defenders are released with the others returning to the circle. The blues then spread out and the process continues.
  • The team that lose possession become the defenders.


Adjust the size to meet your desired outcomes.

  • Any numbers work as long as each box is overloaded.
  • The two defenders have to go through the process by winning the ball in each box.
  • While the blues have the defenders in their box they try to retain possession for as long as possible.
  • If a group do not have the defenders in their box you can give them a condition such as keep the ball off the ground, pass and move etc.
  • Once the defenders complete the process select another two.
  • To make it competitive you could record the times.

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