Part 1

All blues and whites are restricted to their zones.

  • They yellow joker can go wherever they like. Try to limit the touches as in one or two for them.
  • The blues and whites must play off one or three touch.
  • One touch will be a challenge its self.
  • If one touch is not an option they must have three touches. This will invite intense pressure meaning the player must now protect the ball and retain it.
  • I find a good progression is the team in possession can rotate with another team mate in another possession area.

Part 2

  • Split the teams up equally.
  • Each player must play off one or three touches including the goal keepers.


  • Man for man game meaning each player is paired with another. They can only tackle each other and nobody else. Be warned this is very intense!
  • While players are man for man the one or three touch rule still exists.

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