-Set up the area as above.

-Players on the outside,  some with a ball, some without.

-2 Yellows on the inside.

-1 Blue on the inside


-The idea is for  players to travel across the square lending the ball to a free white player. They can do it 3 ways:

1.Dribble straight across alone.
2.Combine with the blue player for a wall pass.
3.Combine with the yellows for a 3rd man run as shown in the diagram.
Making it Age appropriate-Adjust the size of the area.-Add defenders to increase challenge.

-Add mannequins for players to perform skills.


-Set up the area as above.

-Depending on number make sure you have three teams.

-2 teams inside and 1 on the outside.


-Yellows pair up one ball between two. The idea is to play splitting passes through the middle game.  They players can move along the line to open passing lanes.

-Whites have one ball and try to keep possession from the blues. Encourage them to play quickly and against the blues movement.

-Blues have a ball each and their task is to tag the white player who has the ball.

Making it Age appropriate

-Adjust size of the area.

-Allow yellows to loft the passes.

-Add more pressure on the whites by letting the blues have 2 on the ball and 2 runners etc.


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