Over Loads 1v0, 2v1,3v2

  • Set up your area as shown on the diagram.
  • The coach plays in the ball for the white player to have a one touch finish.
  • As soon as the white player strikes the ball he/she then plays another ball to the yellow team. This creates a 2v1 against the white player.
  • As soon as that ball becomes dead the coach plays another ball to the whites to create a 3v2.
  • Once that ball is dead the whole process starts again.
  • If any defending team win the ball the game continues.



  • Set up the area as shown on the diagram.
  • The white player releases a pass to the yellow player. He/she then releases it to the one yellow attacker who then attempts to score.
  • Once the white defender releases the pass two of them run around the pole to defend the attacker.
  • This creates a 1v2.
  • If the white defenders regain possession they must look to score in the goal.


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