Drill 1.

-Set up the area as above suiting the needs of your players and numbers available.

-3 teams and can work with many different numbers.
-Whites at one end and blues at the other.
-Yellows in the middle.
-The whites and blues have to make 6 consecutive passes and then transfer the ball to each other.
-Two yellows are allowed in the end zone to try and win the ball.
-The remaining yellows stay in the middle trying to intercept any passes.
-You can play by time or the team that lost possession become the defenders.

-As shown on the diagram two players from the opposite end when out of possession.
-They try to receive the ball and transfer it into their own zone.

Drill 2

football coaching

-Set up the area as above.

-Two teams keep possession of the ball from the third team.
-You can play by time meaning the defending team defend for three minutes. Once they regain possession of the ball they must try and score in any of the goals.
-You can also remove the goals and have the condition where the team that lose possession become the defenders.

-Teams in possession play off 1 or 4 touches.
-Teams in possession can only pass to the other colour (blue to yellow to blue…).

Training session for coaches created by Louis Lancaster in association with Discount Football Kits.

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