This drill centres around the no. 10 role and looks to strengthen individual aspects of a player’s game in this position to create dynamic and innovative attacks through screening and subverting previous drills surrounding the offside trap and blocking shots.


  • Form a diamond using cones as narrow or as wide as your requirements demand
  • It is the task of the players at the top and bottom of the diamond to work the ball to the corresponding player using the two players on either flank
  • It is the defenders’ jobs to prevent this from happening

Offside Trap

  • Set-up two coned lines forming a path towards the 18-yard box
  • Two players play the ball between one another, looking for an opening either in behind the defender or to the forward’s feet
  • It is the attacking player’s job to catch the defender off-guard and to successfully get a shot off on goal

Blocking Shots

  • Form a square as narrow or wide as your requirements demand
  • A defender stands inside the square as the attacker drives towards them, looking to force them out of position
  • The defender can either be passive or active once the attacker leaves the square they must shoot at the goal directly in front of them.

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