This drill focuses on winger-specific challenges that look to increase a wide player’s effectiveness through individual components including cutting inside, deliveries and running in behind.

Cutting Inside


    • One player in the centre of the field plays the ball to the winger
    • The winger then dribbles the ball through the circuit as quickly and skilfully as possible
    • After dribbling past the mannequin and executing a wall pass around the second mannequin, the player then takes a shot on goal
    • To enhance the drill, the addition of a no. 9 can help the winger with further link up and help them produce shots from wider angles


  • Deliveries
    • The ball is played out wide by the midfielder to the winger
    • Their objective is to put the ball in one of the three designated goals
    • They have the choice of either placing the ball at the far post, on the penalty spot or cutting it back to the edge of the box
    • To increase difficulty, the person springing the pass on the winger can determine which goal they must put the ball in
    • A further progression can be to remove the goals and add a no. 9 for the winger to pick out instead

    Running in Behind

    • Form a back four line of defenders using mannequins
    • Place two sets of wide players on either side of the field
    • The midfielder releases the ball in behind the mannequins for the winger to latch on to and go through on goal
    • It is important to focus on the timing of runs to avoid offsides and losing the ball’s momentumProgressions can include replacing mannequins with real defenders to increase difficulty and varying the type of passes that the wingers are delivered.
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