This drill features striker-specific challenges that look to improve and develop a striker’s individual contribution and ability. This is achieved through drills that focus on reactions, running in behind and quick counters.


  • Litter the box with a number of mannequins in and around the penalty area
  • Position one player either side of the mannequins and the goals to distribute ballsOnce a ball drops between the mannequins, it is the striker’s job to get a shot off on goal as cleanly and quickly as possible

Runs in Behind

  • Organise a wall of defenders just outside the 18-yard box as shown in the image above
  • Position striker(s) in front of the defenders on the opposite side to the ballplayer
  • The striker runs along the back line and latches on to a ball in behind followed by an attempt on goal
  • The focus should be on the timing of the runs and composure in front of goal

Quick Counters

  • Two players pass the ball back and forth
  • Their job is to hit the backboard with a ground pass
  • The other player’s job is to prevent the ball from hitting the backboard
  • If the player successfully prevents this, they are then able to drive the ball forward and go through on goal
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