This drill looks to promote proactive centre-backs for optimum effectiveness through three different components: screening, breaking lines and blocking shots.


  • Set-up the area to accommodate your needs and intended outcome
  • Players at each end combine passes between one another and look to play the ball to the other end
  • It is the defender’s job to prevent the ball from transferring sides
  • Since this is a tough task, limit the number of players that the defender is accountable for

Breaking Lines

  • Form three sections across your field as seen in the image above
  • Distribute players evenly across the two outer sections and a number of defenders between both groups
  • The two sides on the outer sections pass the ball back and forth, awaiting the correct moment to make a pass beyond the defenders and into the other section
  • It is the defender’s job to prevent the ball reaching the ballplayer’s teammates
  • Adding goals to either end and allowing the defenders to score in either goal should they intercept the ball is a potential progression for this drill

Blocking Shots

  • Set-up the area to facilitate your requirements
  • The player far left passes to their teammate in the centre
  • That player must then take a shot at goal, confined to the yellow box
  • It is the defender’s job to block the shot who can move as soon as the pass is played


  • Mark up two lines outside the 18-yard box – different coloured cones are recommended
  • Position a defender in the centre of the box
  • The wingers will deliver the ball into the penalty area and it is the defender’s job to clear the ball as best with height and distance
  • If the ball reaches the red line without bouncing, the defender receives two points. If it reaches the yellow line, one point

Offside Trap

  • Form a narrow path using two lines of cones from the halfway line towards the goal
  • Two players will play the ball back and forth with one another

A striker looks to get in behind the defender whose job it is to prevent them receiving the ball and looks to catch them offside.

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