This drill is position-specific and focuses on challenging the full-backs within your team, honing their ability to cross, block crosses and switch play to add new dimensions to your team.


  • Set-up two coned lines forming a path towards the 18-yard box
  • Two players play the ball between one another, looking for an opening either in behind the defender or to the forward’s feet
  • It is the attacking player’s job to catch the defender off-guard and to successfully get a shot off on goal

Blocking Shots

  • One player distributes balls from the centre of the field while two full-backs and two wingers are positioned on either flank
  • The ball is played out wide to the winger
  • It is the winger’s job to successfully deliver a cross while it is the full-back’s job to prevent the ball from reaching the box
  • Both players must stay on their side of the line on the 18-yard box
  • Taking away restrictions and regaining possession after preventing the cross are ways to enhance this drill

Switching Play

  • The centre back plays the ball out wide to the full-back
  • It is the full-back’s job to hit the goal diagonally
  • Deliveries should be mixed up using lofted and driven passes to increase difficultyFurther progressions can include full-backs hitting a moving target or applying pressure to the full-back as their teammate play the ball to them.
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